Fast Food


Everything bagel toasted with cream cheese at Ess-A-Bagel in New York. Photo by alphacityguides.

Carbs, smarbs, bagels are a staple in a New Yorkers diet and Ess-A-Bagel is one of the best in the city.


Meal at Yoshinoya in Tokyo. Photo by alphacityguides.

Fast food Tokyo style.

R Burger

Inside R Burger in Tokyo. Photo by alphacityguides.

Tokyo's take on the burger joint that makes for some interesting eats.

Standing Sushi

Sushi at Standing Sushi in Tokyo. Photo by alphacityguides.

Fresh, fast, and most of all delicious sushi at great prices.

Le Tiffin

Kati roll from Le Tiffin in Paris. Photo by alphacityguides.

Le Tiffin specializes in Kati rolls, one of their specialty curries wrapped up in a roti and wrapped to go—Kalkota style! Our favorite break from French food in Paris. 

Luke's Lobster

Taste of Maine platter at Luke's Lobster in New York. Photo by alphacityguides

Outstanding Maine style lobster, shrimp and crab rolls that will instantly transport your taste buds to New England.

Biryani Cart

Kati Rolls at Biryani Cart in New York. Photo by <a href="">jasonlam</a>

Skip the tourist traps in Midtown and head to Biryani cart for for a kati roll—quick, cheap, and super tasty Indian food.