Brick Lane Market

Graffiti at Brick Lane in London. Photo by alphacityguides.

Our favorite neighborhood in all of London for shopping, food, and art lives on the infamous Brick Lane.

Portobello Road Market

Vintage camera display at the Portobello Market in London. Photo by alphacityguides.

Notting Hills claim to fame (apart from the film of the same name) Portobello Market is an fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden, London Area Map. Photo by alphacityguides.

One of the city's busiest gathering spots filled with hip shops, cafes, and restaurants.


Anime poster in Akihabara Tokyo. Photo by alphacityguides.

Neighbourhood dedicated to everything electronic as well as anime, manga, and cosplay.


Streets of Shibuya in Tokyo. Photo by alphacityguides.

Youth centric fashion and nightlife district.

Takeshita St.

Takeshita Street at night in Tokyo. Photo by alphacityguides.

Infamous street packed with some of the most interesting youth fashion in Tokyo.

River Seine

River Seine in Paris. Photo by alphacityguides.

The river that runs through Paris, dividing the city into the right and left bank.