Hachikō the Akita dog statue in Tokyo. Photo by alphacityguides.

Hachikō Statue

What we love…

  • When exploring the Shibuya neighborhood our favorite place to start our journey is at this popular statue right outside Shibuya train station. 
  • This statue is constantly surrounded by people trying to get a photo next to this legendary statue of man’s best friend.
  • There is a true, and very sweet story, that goes along with this statue. The legend goes that Professor Ueno Saburo had a beloved pet named Hachikō, who happened to be an Akita bread of dog. This furry friend would follow his master to Shibuya station each morning to see the Professor off to work, and wait patiently at the station for his master to return each evening. When the Professor passed away in 1925 his loyal friend continued to stand outside the station waiting for his master for the next nine years. Hachikō become a local celebrity amongst the other commuters who would frequently bring him treats. The dog became a symbol of loyalty to the Tokyo people and the statue was erected to honor this loyal pet in 1934. Hachikō sadly passed away one year after the statue was erected, but his likeness continues to stand outside the train station waiting for his owner and greeting locals and tourists alike. You can also find bronze paw prints along with this story in Japanese in the exact spot the dog stood.
  • This fun piece of Shibuy's history and the popular statue still serves as a meeting place for Tokyo youth to this day. 


  • To get to the statue you get off at Shibuya station and look for the exit Hachikō-guchi which means Hachikō exit.


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Hachikō Statue
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