Outside the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Photo by alphacityguides.

Moulin Rouge

What we love…

  • History buffs and cheeky party animals can come together for this night-time cabaret show in the historic Moulin Rouge. 
  • Built in 1889 in Pigalle neighborhood at the bottom of Montmartre hill, the venue was meant to be a public gathering place where the wealthy could hobnob with workers, writers, poets, artists, and international travelers.
  • The Moulin Rouge launched the career of artists Toulouse-Lautrec and many dancers of the time. You're sure to see the modern can-can in the show, which is said to have been born at the Moulin Rouge.
  • Today the venue serves tourists who want to experience a bit of the history and magic of the infamous cabaret so yes, it could be considered a tourist trap full of sequins, feathers, and rhinestones, but if you have euro to burn it's fun show. 

What you need to know:

  • The Feerie show runs twice a night at 9 pm and 11 pm and you'll have a few options for ticket prices:
  • Dinner/champagne + Show at €175-€200 depending on your menu.
  • Drinks + Show (or 1/2 bottle of champagne at €105
  • Just the show itself which will run you €95.
  • Since there is plenty of amazing food in Paris for our money we suggest you skip dinner and grab it elsewhere, it's about the booze and dancing anyway.
  • Despite what you may think after watching the Hollywood movie about the Moulin Rouge, this isn't a bar or club that you can mingle around with other patrons, it's a proper show with assigned and reserved seating. 
  • Seats fill up quickly so call ahead for reservations. (Note: Even if you have reserved a seat you will be required to wait in the line-up pre-show.)
  • There's also a strict no photo rule once you're inside, and it's held up by security so do yourself a favor and leave the bulky camera at home. 


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Hours & Location

Moulin Rouge
  • 82 Boulevard de Clichy
    75018 Paris , Paris (75)
    Phone: +33 1 53 09 82 82