Fashion display inside VPL in New York. Photo by alphacityguides.
  • Accessories display at VPL in New York. Photo by alphacityguides.
  • Fashion display and vintage pommel horse inside VPL in New York. Photo by alphacityguides.
  • Store front at VPL in New York. Photo by alphacityguides.


What we love…

  • VPL stands for Visible Panty Lines, the idea that undergarments can be a stylish and integrated part of our everyday wardrobe.
  • This concept isn't new, but in 2003 well known British stylist Victoria Bartlett set out to create her version of foundation clothing. Something that could easily function as both fashion-forward apparel, and a necessary undergarment.
  • Bartlett successfully put her own personal spin on underwear as outerwear by designing pieces that took some of the "sex" out of lingerie. Not to say that her style isn't sexy, it's just not your typical idea of sexy. In fact utilitarian is often a word used to describe the VPL style, and although what you'll find is super functional and practical, it's anything but plain. 
  • Rich and unexpected colors, chunky straps, beautiful stitch work, and asymmetrical style lines make VPL the polar opposite of your typical Victoria Secret push up bra. The conventional sexy feel is replaced with something more visual interesting—a look you don't have to hide, something that can be layered, mixed and matched, and function as it's own statement piece.
  • The space resembles a gym from our past. Warm wood floors, a vintage pommel horse, and ropes and rings draped from the ceiling all invoke some sort of high school gymnasium—that is if you went to the most fashionable high school in the world.
  • The store concept makes perfect sense as a lot of the pieces you'll find in the collection have a bit of retro swag, and some of the bras look as though you could work out in them, although it's doubtful you'd want to.
  • Since 2003 VPL has grown into a full line that's much coveted by fashionable ladies who are looking for a diversion from mainstream apparel. Jackets, sweaters, dresses, pants and skirts can all be found with the same interesting styles lines and details as the signature lingerie.

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Hours & Location

  • 5 Mercer Street
    10013 New York , New York
    United States
    Phone: +1 646-912-6141