Chrysler Building in New York. Photo by <a href="">zoonabar</a>

Chrysler Building

What we love…

  • The lucky moment when we fly into the city and catch a glimpse of the crown at the top of the Chrysler Building.
  • This magnificent building has some serious Art Deco architecture and is considered a masterpiece by many.
  • If you ask, most New Yorkers will say it's their favorite skyscraper and it defines the skyline of their city.


  • The long spire at the top was secretly constructed inside the unfinished building. When erected in full it made it the tallest building in the world for a short 11 months, when it was surpassed by the Empire State building.


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Hours & Location

Chrysler Building
Sun - Sat: 8:30-17:30
  • 405 Lexington Ave
    10017 New York , New York
    United States