Paneer Tikka at Tayyabs in London. Photo by alphacityguides.
  • King Prawn at Tayyabs in London. Photo by alphacityguides.
  • Tayyabs in London. Photo by alphacityguides.
  • Saag Aloo at Tayyabs in London. Photo by alphacityguides.


What we love…

  • Spicy, tangy, and sizzling hot—Tayyabs in London's Whitechapel​ neighborhood is some of the best Punjabi grub in the city. Punjabi cuisine is a mix of India and Pakistani techniques and consists largly of heavily spiced curried dishes of vegetables, seafood, and meat that are served alongside naan or rice. London is known for its love of Indian and Pakistani food, and Tayyabs authentic eats are definatley a local favorite. 
  • Karahi Lamb Chop Masala, and Karahi Chicken Tikka Masala are a few of the most popular dishes on the menu, they're praised for their spicy kick and seriously genuine flavors. Try the Paneer Tikka to start (fried Indian cheese covered in spices) the cheese provides a nice contrast to the hot spices. Each dish runs between £7-11, and are fairly large portions so you can order a few to share, just be sure to order your naan. 
  • At Tayyabs they don't serve alcohol, but the restaurants has a no cork fee BYOB policy, so you can bring your own beers, wine or (in the case of who ever was sitting at our table before us) a few pints of the hard stuff. If you happen to forget your booze, don't worry there's a Tesco down the street (to the left) that sells cold ones. Also keep in mind you can bring any drinks you like, not just alcohol. The water Tayyabs serves is actually bottled water at £2.50 a bottle (there's no tap water available), so if you don't want to pay their high prices for water we advise that you bring your own.
  • The restaurant feels more like a nightclub with its low lights and blaring music, not to mention the super long line that twists outside the door. The service is pretty fast, so likely the wait won't be too long, but you can make reservations online which helps if you've got a large group.
  • One downside we noticed is that our coats and bags smelled like spices for the next few days—so if you don't have access to a laundry room while you're traveling expect to be smelling your dinner long after your meal.

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Hours & Location

Sun - Sat: 12:00-24:00
  • 83-89 Fieldgate Street
    E1 1JU London , London
    United Kingdom
    Phone: +44 20 7247 8521