Brick Lane Coffee in London. Photo by alphacityguides.

Brick Lane Coffee

What we love…

  • Brick Lane Coffee is the antithesis of Starbucks. Loud, a bit gritty, with a staff that, although not unfriendly, is more concerned about the coffee than providing service with a smile—These are exactly the reasons you should head here for your coffee fix.
  • Located on the famous Brick Lane, this is one of our favorite places to experience the London's fabulous East end at it's finest. The cafe walls are covered in artistic murals with mismatched tables and chairs for seating. The music is constant, alternating between indie rock, punk, and some seriously good hip hop, all creating the perfect setting for the neighborhoods eclectic clientele. This place isn't trying to be fancy or chic, it isn't trying to be family centric, it's trying to make good coffee at good prices and stay true to the Brick Lane vibe. 
  • Black coffee isn't the specialty here, you'll want to order something with a bit more edge. The barista's might look like they don't give a shit about anything, but you'll quickly learn that they do care about making a seriously good drink. Order the 'flat white' (creamy milk from the bottom of the steamer container folded into the espresso) it's fantastic and one of the best in London's East end. We get the feeling that the staff has cured more than a few hangovers in their time, so if you've a rough night and are in need of a pick-me-up order one of their smoothies to start you off.
  • The Dirty Chai is actually our favorite drink on the menu, it consists of two espresso shots blended with the spicy sweet milk of a chai latte, giving you the delightful benefits of the sweet chai, with the kick of the espresso.
  • If you're rocking a budget and saving your pounds for the vintage market outside the door, order the 'flat-broke'. This drink is filtered coffee topped with a scoop of steamed milk, it's not fancy but it's good, and it'll crush that craving for less than £1.00.

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Hours & Location

Brick Lane Coffee
Sun - Sat: 7:00-20:00
  • 157 Brick Ln
    E1 6SB London , London
    United Kingdom
    Phone: +44 20 7729 2667