St. Paul's cathedral in London. Photo by <a href="">Olivier Bruchez</a>

St. Paul's Cathedral

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  • Defining London's skyline St. Paul's Cathedral is one of the cities most recognizable structures. Inside is decorated in Baroque style with breathtaking arches and elaborately painted ceilings.
  • If you climb to the top of the dome you'll get sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding city, the top of the dome is said to be one of the best places to take city photos.
  • The coolest part about the Cathedral is the crypt below that houses the remains of a few of Britain's most important historic figures. You'll find Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern British nursing, Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin, and artist and sculptor Henry Moore—even the architect who designed the cathedral, Christopher Wren has a place in the crypt. 
  • Don't miss the acoustically perfect Whispering Gallery that allows you the guilty pleasure of eavesdropping on other tourists on the other side of the dome. The round shape of the walls allows sound waves to travel through the large space letting you hear even the slightest noise. 

  • It'll cost you £16 (£14 for students) to gain entry into the Cathedral and if you book your tickets in advance online you can get a bit of a discount. St. Paul's Cathedral is large and takes a big chunk of time to explore, so budget your time accordingly.

  • FACT: The funeral of Winston Churchill was held in St. Paul's Cathedral in 1965, and the over-the-top wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.

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St. Paul's Cathedral
Mon - Sat: 8:30-16:00
  • St Paul's Churchyard, London, UK EC4M 8AD
    EC4M 8AD London , London
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 02072468350