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British Museum

What we love…

  • The British Museum is one of the world's greatest, boasting over seven hundred pieces of art and ancient artifacts from all corners of the globe. The museum dates back to 1753 and all started with the private collection of Sir Hans Sloane (a physician and scientist) who left a his "cabinet of curiosities" to Britain. The "cabinet of curiosities" might sound creepy (you're watching too much American Horror Story) but it was actually a well cataloged collection of interesting plant and animal specimens, books, manuscripts, antiques, paintings, religious and cultural artifacts from Sloane's various travels. Sloane's collection was the foundation for the British Museum we know and love today.
  • Like all other London Museums the British Museum is absolutely free! Because the museum is free you can plan on making a few short trips instead of one long haul, if you plan on being in London for a long trip (or come back to visit often) we suggest viewing the museum in stages department by department so you can really take it all in. Like other major museums trying to cram it all in during one visit will leave you exhausted.
  • Huge Egyptian artifacts collection, one of the best I've seen outside of Egypt and it including the Rosetta Stone which is obviously a popular exhibit.
  • If you need a place to relax for a few minutes and rest your feet there's no better place to do it than under the lovely blue and cream domed ceiling of the 'Reading Room'.

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British Museum
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