humangear GoToob travel bottle.
  • humangear GoToob travel bottle with suction cup. Photo by alphacityguides.
  • humangear GoToob travel bottle collar label. Photo by humangear.

humangear GoToob Travel Container

What we love…

  • I know what you're thinking. "Really, you love a travel bottle?" ABSOLUTELY!
  • If you travel frequently you know how much of a headache it can be to transport your favorite facial cleanser, shampoo, hand-sanitizer, or body wash. Between the TSA rules, packing weight restrictions, and of course the dreaded bottle leaking issue, it's safe to say that liquids are one of the biggest packing concerns when it comes to air travel.
  • Well the clever product designers at humangear have not only solved that problem, they've made the solution look great too.
  • The bottle is constructed from a strong food safe silicone that's BPA, and PC free, with a no-drip valve that means you never get product goop on the outside of the container.
  • There's also a cool feature on the double collar of the bottle that allows you to write your own label, or choose from one of the presets like soap or cream. 
  • The a suction cup on the back lets you to stick it to the mirror or bathroom tile, although it's not meant to stick for long so don't be surprised if it falls down over night. 
  • Sure you can get a cheap plastic bottle from your local dollar store, but guess what you're going to find when you arrive? A bag full of stained clothes and an empty bottle. 
  • GoToob will run you around $8.00 for the smaller bottle, but these nifty little containers have a lifetime warranty so you'll never need to shell out for another container again—totally worth it.
  • These sleek little silicone bottles feel great in your hand, work like a charm, and they never leak.  At the end of the day they just work properly, and that's why these are the only bottles we use.
  • Also if you've got food allergies and need to bring your own oil or if you're just obsessive about your particular brand of BBQ sauce, you can use these babies to transport that too.

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