eneloop Mobile Booster KBC-L3AS (Japanese version)
  • eneloop Mobile Booster model KBC-L3AS (Japanese version)

eneloop Mobile Booster

What we love…

  • Your smartphone eliminated the need to carry your camera, gps, and countless paper lists, but it's only lunch and your phone's going to die. Instead of carrying a backup of all of that junk (like a paper map), packing the eneloop Mobile Booster will allow you to charge your phone, or any USB device for that matter, up to 2.5x on a single charge.
  • eneloop is a highly sought after battery brand in Asia and most of the battery loving community (think flashlight and camera nerds). These sweet batteries are known for giving consistent performance and lasting at least 1500 charges. That's more then 2.5 charges a week for 10 years!
  • These puppies are so highly coveted for the extremely low discharge rate. What does that mean for those of us that can't appreciate a fine super lattice alloy? They come pre-charged and retain over 75% of their charge over a year—better then any other commercial rechargeable. In other words, you don't have to charge them up before you use them like you do with most rechargeable batteries.
  • The model we used is the KBC-L3A (pictured above) which is only available in Japan, but the US version sounds and looks even more bad ass with two USB slots for doubling your charging fun. 
  • They're initially charged in a factory that uses uses solar power, which means you even did one small nice thing for the environment.

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