Airport Express Portable Wireless Router

Apple Airport Express

What we love…

  • Wifi at your hotel a little flaky? Usually there's an old school cable kicking around for the internet (most likely at the desk), that you can connect your directly to your laptop. Problem solved, but now you're stuck working at your desk like Thomas Jefferson—sans wireless. This bad boy is the solution. Turn your hardwire into an in-room access point where you'll have dedicated bandwidth in the air. 
  • Some hotels ONLY have LAN (mostly in Asia), so this is handy in those situations to give you wireless. This is also helpful in European hotels where they scribble a single unit access code on a piece of paper that's only valid for one device. Now you can use your mobile phone, tablet, and laptop at the same time. Let the nerdery begin!
  • All of your devices on a local network will let you sync your portables with your laptop, and let you control your own in-room entertainment. 

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